About Our Survey Services

Systematic, meticulous surveys conducted by Colibri gather essential data about the biological aspects of a project site. These surveys serve multiple purposes, including complying with permit conditions, mitigation measures, or conditions of approval. They also play a crucial role in verifying baseline biological conditions to identify biological constraints, fatal flaws, and potential opportunities. With our surveying services, we ensure that you have accurate information for making informed decisions and achieving environmental compliance.
collage of ecologists outside with a snake

Types of Surveying

Pre-Construction Surveys

Biological surveys performed before construction or other activities to comply with permit conditions, mitigation measures, or conditions of approval

Due Diligence Surveys

Reconnaissance-level surveys used to verify baseline biological conditions of a property before purchase or development, and to identify biological constraints, fatal flaws, and opportunities

Nesting Bird Surveys

Surveys performed to identify the location and status of any active bird nest on or near a project site

Roosting Bat Surveys

Surveys conducted to locate any bat roost, determine its status, and identify its occupants

Floral & Faunal Inventory Surveys

Focused surveys performed to catalog the plants and animals of a property or area

Non-Native Plant Surveys

Focused surveys performed to document the presence and distribution of nonnative plants, especially invasive species

Special-Status Species Surveys

Protocol-level surveys used to determine presence, distribution, and/or abundance of plant or animal species listed under the federal or state Endangered Species Act, or otherwise designated by federal or state agencies or conservation organizations as rare, threatened, or endangered

Aerial Surveys

Surveys performed from airplanes or helicopters to determine numbers and distribution of animals such as waterfowl, seabirds, wading birds, nesting raptors, sea turtles, or marine mammals; includes photographic surveys and radio telemetry tracking surveys


Through our work, we support our clients on projects that require knowledge about pertinent state and federal laws, as well as the flora and fauna of the region. Learn more about the species we often see and the regulations that often affect our clients by exploring our resources.