About Our Monitoring Services

Monitoring is an essential component of environmental compliance and assessment. We observe and track various aspects of the natural environment to protect and sustainably manage sensitive biological resources. Our monitoring includes overseeing construction activities to minimize potential impacts in accordance with permit conditions. We also offer training on environmental awareness for a well-rounded approach. With robust protocols, we effectively monitor, manage, and mitigate environmental impacts, preserving our ecosystems long-term.
collage of colibri workers outside with california poppy flowers and owl

Types of Monitoring

Environmental Compliance Monitoring

Monitoring of construction or other activities to ensure effects to sensitive biological resources are avoided or minimized in compliance with permit conditions, mitigation measures, or conditions of approval; includes presentation of environmental awareness training

Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Monitoring using acoustic recording devices and analysis software to document the use of an area by bats, birds, or other animals

Remote Camera Monitoring

Monitoring using remote, infrared cameras to document the use of an area by mammals or other animals

Habitat Monitoring

Monitoring habitat using residual dry matter, percent vegetative cover, percent canopy cover, and other metrics in compliance with mitigation monitoring plans or habitat management plans

Species Population Monitoring

Monitoring populations of plants or animals to provide a framework for making informed management decisions


Through our work, we support our clients on projects that require knowledge about pertinent state and federal laws, as well as the flora and fauna of the region. Learn more about the species we often see and the regulations that often affect our clients by exploring our resources.