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We help project proponents comply with the Endangered Species Act and other environmental laws and regulations.

Colibri Ecological Piedra landscape

Local Knowledge

We work throughout California and across the nation. However, we have particular expertise in the flora and fauna of the San Joaquin Valley and surrounding foothills and mountains, where we carry out dozens of investigations every year.


Sound Science

We use documented methods to conduct organized investigations and observations. This methodical and transparent process produces verifiable results and conclusions that our clients and the regulators can rely on to make responsible decisions.


Expert Advice

Our scientists have more than 275 years of experience combined; many have advanced degrees; all are members of professional societies; and all continually strive to improve their knowledge of species, habitats, survey and analysis methods, and the regulatory framework. This expertise allows us to provide our clients with intelligent and dependable advice.


Passionate Team

We believe in the work we do and are intrinsically motivated to make meaningful contributions to the wellbeing of people and our ecosystem.


Strong and Enduring Partnerships

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We assist and guide our clients through all project phases to streamline the regulatory compliance process and minimize costs and delays. This dedication and care builds firm and lasting alliances.