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Tariq is an environmental specialist who has spent most of his career as a consultant working to protect natural and biological resources. As a native of Southern California, Tariq had ready access to the San Gabriel Mountains, Cleveland National Forest, coastal wetlands and shorelines, and California deserts. His admiration for the physical world and interconnected systems of diverse biological communities led him to pursue a career in the environmental sciences. He completed a B.S. in Environmental Biology with a concentration in Biodiversity Management and Ecology at Cal Poly Pomona. At the university, Tariq volunteered on trail-rehabilitation projects, avian surveys with his ornithology professor, and at BioTrek, the university’s environmental education center. A previous professional opportunity prompted Tariq to move to the San Joaquin Valley, where he is close to the Sierra Nevada and particularly Yosemite National Park, which he has fond memories of visiting as a child. In his spare time, Tariq enjoys hiking, birding, photographing landscapes and wildlife, reading tech blogs, and playing the drums and bass guitar.

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