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Ryan is a biologist with about 15 years of professional experience. Growing up in the forests of Northern Michigan, Ryan developed a love of the natural world and a passion to preserve it. Ryan’s passion promptly led him to the West Coast, where he earned a Master’s degree in Fisheries Biology at Humboldt State University. Ryan spent the first half of his professional career at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service working to conserve native fish and wildlife populations of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers in Northern California. Since then, Ryan has worked as a biological consultant on a variety of large-scale projects including energy development, spill response, pipeline construction, transportation, and dam removal. He has collaborated with government agencies, private consulting firms, non-profit organizations, and academic researchers with a focus on biological assessments, environmental permitting, and ecosystem restoration. Before joining Colibri, Ryan spent his time representing the California High-Speed Rail Authority working to permit and deliver the California High-Speed Rail throughout the Central Valley. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and relaxing with his wife and two sons.

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