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Kaia Colestock, M.S.
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Kaia is an ecologist with nearly 20 years of experience in ecological study, natural resource assessment, and regulatory compliance with local, state, and federal agencies. Her expertise is rooted in field biology, with emphasis in toxicology, demographics, and habitat conservation and restoration. Kaia’s career as an ecological consultant began in 2009, when she worked on a multi-jurisdictional wind energy project. Kaia also managed a nest-box network in New Mexico, where she studied the effects of heavy metal contamination in passerine birds. She also conducted research on pinniped cognition and the effects of noise pollution on other marine mammals. For five years, Kaia participated in the rescue and relocation of thousands of California red-legged frogs in central coastal California. Kaia has performed hundreds of protocol-level surveys for threatened and endangered plant and animal species throughout the West. She has also developed community-based projects to provide mutual support between local businesses, professionals, students, and volunteers, and led outreach programs for the public. In her spare time, Kaia flies small planes (she’s a licensed pilot), scuba dives, and photographs plants, animals, and natural landscapes.

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