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Dan S. Pittenger, M.S.
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Dan is a biologist with more than 15 years of field and research experience. His interest in science and biology has taken him from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, always with binoculars in hand. He completed a B.A. in Conservation Biology at Sterling College in Vermont and an M.S. in Hydrology at Central Washington University. For his master’s thesis, Dan studied how wildfires reduce snowpack in the Sierra and Cascades and the implications for downstream water users. He has managed wetlands and conservation projects in 11 states throughout the country. Working for Colibri has allowed Dan to continue his passion for wildlife conservation while learning new, innovative ways to address real-world conservation challenges. Dan spends much of his leisure time outdoors where he pursues birds, endless powder days, and some of the world’s most remote places.

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