Leveraging 20 Years of Biology Research and Field Experience

Colibri Ecological Consulting LLC


Josh is a biologist with more than 20 years of research and field experience. He was raised in Florida and has also lived in Georgia, Missouri, and California. He is passionate about wildlife, conservation biology, and environmental planning. Josh has broad research experience with more than 30 published research articles on sea-level rise and climate change, plants, coral reef fish, freshwater fish, marine turtles, terrestrial turtles, venomous snakes, birds, small mammals, and bats.

He holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in biology

and has worked as a research scientist and professor at several universities. His current favorite research focus is on the bats of California’s Central Valley and High Sierra.

Josh spends his leisure time hiking, camping, listening to bats, and traveling California and its many natural areas. Working with Colibri has provided Josh with the opportunity to expand his conservation work to help balance the needs of our clients with the ecosystems on which we all depend.