An Ecological Consultant Specializing in California Fauna

Colibri Ecological Consulting LLC


Howard has more than 20 years of professional wildlife and research experience. He is certified by the Ecological Society of America as an ecologist and by The Wildlife Society (TWS) as a Certified Wildlife Biologist®. His work as an ecological consultant has focused on the fauna and ecosystems of California and has included extensive baseline inventories, surveys for rare animals, and habitat assessment. He has conducted dozens of inventories, surveys, and assessments for blunt-nosed leopard lizard, burrowing owl, San Joaquin kit fox, giant kangaroo rat, and Mohave ground squirrel among many others.

He developed his consulting skills

while working for H. T. Harvey & Associates for 10 years and Garcia and Associates for three years. Prior to working as a consultant, Howard spent seven years as a wildlife biologist with the Endangered Species Recovery Program. He completed his Master’s degree at CSU Fresno in 2001. His thesis addressed the interactions between the endangered San Joaquin kit fox and the non-native red fox in Kern County, CA.

He is an instructor for TWS kit fox and small mammal workshops, and the Western Section of TWS awarded him the Raymond F. Dasmann Award for Professional of the Year in 2015.

He is also the Layout Editor for the Western Section’s journal Western Wildlife. During leisure time, Howard enjoys hiking, geocaching, and visiting places of historical interest with his daughter.

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